Synthetic Turf Fields


Turbo Link International, Inc. can provide quality synthetic fields for all levels of competition; from community uses to the highest levels of international play. With more than two decades of experience in the sports-construction industry, we can help from the ground up!

We have many years of experience in the synthetic sports turf market. We have supplied and installed indoor and outdoor synthetic turf systems throughout North America over the past 20 plus years. Turf system installations include both small and high-profile facilities that are utilized by many professional sports leagues.

TLI Sports, Inc. has also supplied and installed sytems for multisport use at the college/university level and for parks and recreation departments.

We can also supply and install synthetic turf systems in heavy wear areas on natural turf fields such as football sideline areas, soccer field goal areas, etc. This system requires some sub-base preparation but, once installed, requires little maintenance and has a significant life cycle.